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Peeling Machine

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Sand roller peeling machine

【Sand roller peeling machine】Detail

Sand roller peeling machine has the advantages of simple structure , convenient operation and small volume . the peeling function and wind-separate function are combined together to separate kernel and seed coat which can significantly reduce broken rate . it is mainly used in processing corn , barley , sorghum , buckwheat etc . thake corn as example , after taking off hard crust and plumule part , the taste has been improved and application are widened . and when used in barley peeling process , the presser is small and broken rate is low and milled rice rate is enhanced with smaller bran . meanwhile the temperature is lower . More than one machine can work together or choose one to work independently . t is suitable for large and medium grain processing plants for peeling wheat , corn and barley etc .

Features ,

Newly designed , beautiful outlook .

1. Mechanical stability , compact structure , convenient to assemble and disassemble .

2. easy to operate , flexible adjustment , safe , reliable performance .

3. several machines to be used together or one machine independently .

4. strong negative pressure , low broken rate , high accuracy , good ability to throw bran .

5. Equipped with fan , the husk can be discharged randomly .

6. equipped with variety speed motor in order to process different materials .

7. equipped with different hardness of sand roller for different materials .

Techinicians ,


Output ( t/h )

         Power           ( kw )

      Weight        ( kg )

            Dimension                ( L * W * H )





1500 X 760 X 2115

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