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Batching scale

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LTPLC Series Full automatic micro material proportioning scale

【LTPLC Series Full automatic micro material proportioning scale】Detail

Advantage introduction

1、The raw material bin is designed from the hang system, it’s easy to install and maintenance .

2、It could complete all the handle as the setting by the controller full-automatically .

3、It could avoid the wrong cases in  small weight happening to make sure the best quality .

4、Special raw material will need special screw, so convey effect is very good no matter how the raw material is .

5、It is equipped with self-cleaning tumble type scale , so there’s no resign and leak every time completed

6、Upper the raw material there’s a tube to avoid the dust when complete the working period . After that , the material will bank the bin . 

LongTai LTPLC series fully automatic trace material batching scale is widely used in feed, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other fields of industrial . the powder, grain will get full automatic weight and convey . The equipment could complete automatic batching to the raw material including powder, pellets, block, bulk material continuous . And the process includes that trace material automatic weighing, automatic dosing and automatic transmission control. It’s performance is stable and reliable, intelligent precision, has greatly improved the efficiency of industrial production of batching system, and completely eliminate trace material artificial weighing ingredients and feeding the possibility of error rate. We accept customized according to customer demand just like bunker, tilting hopper scale and conveying equipment and different specifications of the bunker, tilting hopper scale and transportation equipment .we also developed the number of the levels of ingredients single scale, double scale, scale system, to meet the needs of different customers.

Technical parameters ,






weight range





Working tolerance





Working speed





Class of precision


The configuration of the single bin

≤12bin,  0.4m3/bincould customized for customers


The configuration of the double bin

24bin,  0.4m3/bincould customized for customers


The configuration of the several bin

could customized for customers

The voltage of the output


The frequency of the inlet


The control system inlet voltage

AC220V (or ) AC110V

The frequency of the inlet


The power of the screw

Three-phase 0.75kW~3kW

The power of the conveyor

Three-phase 0.75kW~3kW

The air pressure



The density is based on 600kg/m